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Vanessa Rocco is Adjunct Assistant Professor in the History of Art and Design at Pratt Institute, and co-editor of the volume The New Woman International (UMP, 2011). She organized numerous exhibitions and publications as an Assistant Curator at the ICP in New York, including Louise Brooks and the “New Woman” in Weimar Cinema (2007). Dr. Rocco is currently at work on a book about photography and exhibition culture in Weimar-era Germany.

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Curating CAA

20 March 2012 | CAA2012, Conferences, Modern, Photography

As I headed out to Los Angeles from New York last month, a remark by Mary Anne Staniszewski kept coming back to me. I spent a stimulating evening last winter at a small alternative art space on Ludlow Street listening to her, Martin Beck, and Ken Saylor talk about the practice of putting together exhibitions [...]