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From the Bahamas to Japan

29 November 2011 | Journals

Several art magazines and journals have sprouted up online over the last few months. Caribbean Art World (CAW) Magazine founded by artist Marcel Wah includes an interview (click “Articles”) with Erica James, founding director of The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, who was recently


Art Bulletin’s the Best?

30 June 2011 | Journals

CAA now refers to The Art Bulletin as “the leading publication of international art-historical scholarship,” and has done so for about a year it seems. This proposition seems worthy of debate. The leading publication? (Is that word “international” hedging the claim? Is “scholarship”? Or “art-historical”?) Elsewhere CAA has referred to The Art Bulletin as “the [...]


New ‘Word & Image’ Editors

27 June 2011 | Journals

For twenty-five years Word & Image has flourished under its founding editor John Dixon Hunt. Now, the reins have been passed to Michèle Hannoosh and Catriona MacLeod, professors of French and German at Michigan and Penn respectively. They write in their first issue (27:1): While maintaining our acknowledged strength in medieval and modern subjects, we [...]


CAA’s Greatest Hits

31 March 2011 | Journals

The College Art Association is also marking its centennial by assembling lists of greatest hits from Art Bulletin, Art Journal, and Canon definition is a perennially controversial exercise — witness the brouhaha over one recent attempt to name the 64 “greatest” artworks “made since World War II,” which prompted one commenter to ask, “Will [...]


Scholarly Publishing without the Scholarly Press?

13 March 2011 | Books, Career, Journals

The rise of peer-reviewed, online journals dealing with art history and visual culture, and not associated with an academic publisher, is an interesting development. Traditionally an academic press, complete with editorial board and a peer-review process, has lent a certain cache and reliability to the items it publishes, though this varies of course. These editorial functions [...]


Open Mouths, Bound Arms, Hollow Fingers

2 March 2011 | Journals

In the latest Art Bulletin, Fabio Barry traces the iconography of the famed Bocca della Verità – Rome’s Mouth of Truth. With visitors ranging from Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday to Freud, there is an enduring fascination with what Barry terms the “massive relic of antiquity… a terrible demon who cautioned against perjury on pain [...]


’100 Years of the College Art Association’

24 February 2011 | Books, Career, Journals

Those of you still recovering from a marathon four days of conference-going earlier this month may wince at the notion of “100 Years of the College Art Association,” but in the hands of Susan Ball, it’s an appealing subject. She has just published a fine volume she edited on CAA’s history, “The Eye, The Hand, [...]



8 December 2010 | Africa, Conferences, Contemporary, Journals

The African art journal Nka celebrated its adoption by Duke University Press by engaging 15 scholars and critics in a debate in print (issue 26) and online over “contemporary African art history and the state of the scholarship.” Editor Salah M. Hassan expresses a certain pessimism of his own about “the political and economic crises [...]


‘Combative Ambivalence’

7 December 2010 | Africa, Books, Conferences, Journals

The latest issue of The International Review of African American Art (23:2) is one of the most visually provocative magazine issues I’ve perused in years. It also includes a good mix of writing, including coverage of the most recent Porter Colloquium on African American Art. Summarizing a talk by Jacqueline Francis, Teresia Bush writes: Critical [...]


‘Decorative Arts’ Goes Interdisciplinary

17 November 2010 | Journals

The Fall-Winter 2009-2010 issue of Decorative Arts bears the heading “Final Issue,” with no further explanation as to why its publishers are discontinuing this sixteen-year-old journal that had earned numerous plaudits including the European Science Foundation’s highest rating. Poking around online, I discovered that the Bard Graduate Center plans to replace it with a new [...]


‘Art History Reviewed’

11 October 2010 | Journals

Something else I’d love to see collected into a book: The Burlington Magazine is in the middle of publishing an excellent 18-part series in which authors reconsider seminal books from twentieth-century art history. Published so far: June 2009: Alexandra Gajewski on “Emile Mâle’s ‘L’art religieux du XIIIe siècle en France. Etude sur l’iconographie du mozen [...]


Artists’ Books in

17 August 2010 | Books, Contemporary, Journals has started reviewing artists’ books recently. (If this started earlier, I must have missed it.) Clifton Meador (who in February reviewed a book about artists’ books) writes on The Square by Emily McVarish: Emily McVarish is one of a handful of artists whose primary artistic output takes the form of books, books that she [...]



15 July 2010 | Journals

If you read German, I recommend the young online magazine Artefakt, published by beginning and advanced students (and alumni) of the Institute of European Art History at the University of Heidelberg. In recent issues, contributors interviewed a Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung editor about the state of art criticism, artist Derek Ogbourne about his work, and an [...]


Art Journal’s Beginnings

21 May 2010 | Journals, Modern

The CAA’s Art Journal has a new editor, Katy Siegel. I haven’t had a chance yet to look at her first issue, which is now out and apparently focuses on artists’ projects. Siegel has said, “While preserving its integrity as an academic journal, I want to make sure that every issue of Art Journal also [...]


A Postcolonial / Anthropological Intervention

17 May 2010 | Baroque/Neoclassical, Journals, Theory

The latest (March-June 2010) Art Bulletin just arrived here. This one comes with another “Intervention”; in this recurring feature, a number of scholars are invited to respond to a provocative essay. The author completes the exercise by responding to the respondents, and the whole thing is published across many pages. I’m curious — do people [...]


Art and Commerce

4 May 2010 | Contemporary, Journals

In a recent issue of Grey Room (n. 37), T.J. Demos writes …. In the journal October, art historian and critic David Joselit raises the seeming contradiction of discovering art that is critical toward consumerism in the very site of the commercial art gallery … [However] the potential of the gallery as a site of [...]


Access to Information in Art History

2 May 2010 | Journals

I am fascinated by the state of publishing right now, as we are witnessing extreme polarization of access to information. Kelly just mentioned McGill University’s new journal SEACHANGE, which is part of the Open Access Movement.  Free for all.  No subscription needed.  Instant online access. More such journals are popping up all the time.  The University [...]


The Face-To-Face

1 May 2010 | Journals

The first issue of a new journal based at McGill University, SEACHANGE, was just made available electronically. Designed as a venue for creative, interdisciplinary scholarship, its mission is to reconfigure inherited critical discourses in art, media, culture, and technology. Each individual issue is centred around a singular theoretical or affective event, formulated as an “intellectual [...]


Apollo’s new editor, Oscar Humphries

27 April 2010 | Journals

Apollo‘s new editor, Oscar Humphries, is profiled in The Telegraph: Humphries follows a long line of qualified art historian editors, such as Denys Sutton, Anna Somers Cocks, David Ekserdjian and, most recently, Michael Hall. His background, however, is more in the field of the art trade … and journalism … As such, he is probably [...]


Archaeology Book Reviews

21 April 2010 | Ancient, Journals

As editor Naomi Norman explains in the January 2010 issue, the American Journal of Archaeology has added much more color to its pages and it has moved all of its book reviews online, where they can be read free of charge. Also online: exhibition reviews and a limited selection of journal content. (Off topic: It [...]