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by | 25 February 2012 | CAA2012, Conferences

Black clad east coasters shedding cardigans and sunning themselves like lizards on rocks outside the conference.”

This panel was an invigorating breath of jet-lagged-yet-fresh air and a vision of moving beyond the dead-end rhetoric of the copyright cartel, consumer culture, and commodity art.”

You probably don’t want to hear about the truly bizarre but interesting talk by Carolyn Tate comparing Mesoamerican sculpture to miscarried fetuses and ancient mosaics to fertility cycles. You probably also don’t want to hear about how I also lost my temper a bit in a question and answer session on Jeff Koons.”

“Will be thinking about Krauss apotheosis session for a while. Agreed, disagreed; rinse, repeat.”

“2 packing fails: no black clothes or fancy scarves. Only proof I’m really an art historian? Rad funky glasses.”

People are talking tech…The first panel I sat on spoke on internationalizing the practice of art history. Immediately, it felt like the voice of God was speaking, until I realized it was a man on Skype. Not one, but two participants were joining in from online.”

Visit The Bearded Man at UPNE booth #417 – Tell him the internet sent you – Compliment his shoes.”

It’s an odd thing, lamenting the death of the print book while standing in a book exhibit, surrounded by gorgeous print books.”

Walked into the “Your Labels Make Me Feel Stupid” session. It’s packed.”

Artists book includes magic recipes for having erotic dreams, curing madness, and becoming the King of England.”