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Parting Thoughts from CAA 2012

by | 26 February 2012 | CAA2012, Conferences

“Victoria Szabo talking about training grad students to collaborate to create database. Training grad students! I love it!”

Many thanks to #CAA2012 for the amazing panel with Yve-Alain Bois, Benjamin Buchloh, Hal Foster.”

“Lev Manovich encourages CAA to embrace the intersection of art history and art practice.”

“Academic publishing as a colonization of intellectual property.”

“Very first panel on art history meets digital humanities – congrats! Let’s hope they will continue dating.”

“Publishing most vertical thing in academia, approaching colonial scale, next year we will reach one trillion in student debt.”

“Provocative and inspiring comments from Terezita Romo about categories of “hybrid” & “universal” at PST and Chicano Art panel.”

“F1219 – yes, everyone in the rooms has memorized the library of congress call number for Pre-Columbian art history.”