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Art Book Award to ‘Antinous’

by | 19 February 2008 | Ancient, Awards, Books

The new Art Book Award, awarded by The Art Book and the Association of Art Historians (both in the UK), “aims to promote and acknowledge the best in art publishing by honouring the contributions and collaboration of the many different people involved.” Its first award has just gone to Antinous: the Face of the Antique by Caroline Vout:

Published by the Henry Moore Institute to accompany the exhibition ‘Antinous: The Face of the Antique’ … [its cover] is devoid of text; it is a black and white photograph of a sculpture being released from stony earth. This picture begins a story which unfolds as one opens the book to encounter a succession of compelling photographs of large sculptural heads, eloquent as independent images and provocative as spectacle … Antinous is a book of discovery. Sensitively and beautifully designed, it transforms the experience of a fascinating exhibition into an enduring object which makes vision an act of archaeological discovery and renders the art of antiquity relevant to twenty-first-century viewers.